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At Selph Arms LLC, our specialty is Custom Rifles barrel threading and Refinishing. As a Federally Licensed Firearms Manufacturer with an SOT we can work on your machineguns, SBR's, SBS's and AOW's. 

We also have the best prices in Texas on suppressor's!!!!

Discount on barrel threading with every suppressor purchase!!!!!

All prices below include assembly & disassembly of your firearm by a qualified gunsmith...  

If you don't see your firearm listed below email us for a quote. Metric and left hand threads may incur additional charges.

Note: All threading prices include a reblueing of the threads on blued barrels.
Accuracy International (AE, AWs and AWM in .300 Win Mag) threaded 5/8-24 or 18mmx1.5RH$125Accuracy International (AWM/ASM in .338 Lapua) threaded 5/8-24 or 18mmx1.5RH$125AR15/M16 barrel .22LR/.223 / 9mm ( thread 1/2-28 )$115AR15/M16 barrel 9mm (Thread 1/2-36 or 1/2-32)$115AR15/M16 barrel .25 WSSM/.300 Whisper /.45ACP /.458 SOCOM /.50AE.$115Armalite AR10/KAC SR25 (Threaded 5/8-24)$115Armalite AR30 (threaded 5/8-24)$115Beretta CX4 9mm (1/2-28)$115Beretta CX4 9mm (13.5mmx1LH)$115Beretta CX4 40 S&W (14.5mm x1LH)$115Beretta CX4 40 S&W (9/16-24 or 9/16-28)$115Beretta CX4 .45 ACP (0.578-28)$115Beretta CX4 .45 ACP (16mmx1LH)$115Browning A-Bolt (threaded 1/2-28)$125Browning Semi-Auto .22 (take down kind, threaded 1/2-28)$115Crickett (AKA Keystone Sporting Arms) Threading this rifle involves adding an extension to the existing barrel (threaded 1/2-28)$115FN FNAR (threaded 5/8-24)$100FN FAL (usually threaded 9/16x24 Left or Right hand, but other threads can be used depending on your barrel diameter)$125FN FiveSeven/5.7 (thread 10mmx1, includes thread protector) $175FN FS2000 (Shorten barrel and permanently affix AAC M41000/2000 or other flash hider - give gun just over 16" barrel length and 26" OAL )$130FN PSR/PBR/SPR (threaded 1/2-28, 9/16-24 & 5/8-24)$115FN PS90/P90 SBR Package (includes shortening, threading, adapter, thread protector, engraving and transfer to your dealer (if required), final threads are 1/2-28)$300FN SCAR™ 16S / MK 16 CQC SBR package (threaded 1/2-28). Includes shortening barrel to 10", threading, engraving & gas port modification. $300FN SCAR™ 17S / MK 17 CQC SBR package (threaded 5/8-24). Includes shortening barrel to 13", threading, engraving & gas port modification.$300GSG5 SBR Package (includes shortening, threading, adapter, thread protector, engraving with customer Form 1 info, final threads are 1/2-28) $225GSG5 SBR Package(includes shortening, threading, adapter, thread protector, engraving with Tornado info and transfer to your dealer, final threads are 1/2-28) $275Highpoint Carbine 9mm (Customers stripped barrel, threaded 1/2-28)$100Highpoint Carbine 9mm (When complete rifle supplied, threaded 1/2-28)$115KAC SR25/Armalite AR10/DPMS AR10 (threaded 5/8-24$115Mossberg 42 (threaded 1/2-28)$115Mossberg 44 (threaded 1/2-28)$115Remington® 451® (threaded 1/2-28)$115Remington® 597® (threaded 1/2-28)$115Remington® 700® (threaded 1/2-28, 9/16-24 & 5/8-24) $115Remington® 700® (threaded for AAC SPR/M4 or SCAR-H SD and when barrel profiling required) $130Ruger® 10/22® bull barrel (threaded 1/2-28)$85Ruger® 10/22® 18.5" standard barrel (Front sight is removed and barrel shortened slightly, threaded 1/2-28)$115Ruger® 77/22® standard barrel with no front sight (threaded 1/2-28)$115Ruger® Charger® (threaded 1/2-28)$85Ruger® MkII® or MkIII® all variants. With thread Protector $140Ruger® Mini 14® . Threaded 1/2-28 (style with single blade front sight. Not new type with ears.)$115Saco Quad® (threaded 1/2-28)$115Savage® 10/12/110 (threaded 1/2-28, 9/16-24 & 5/8-24) $115Savage® 10/12/110 (threaded for AAC SPR/M4 or SCAR-H SD and when barrel profiling required) $130Savage® 93/93R17 (threaded 1/2-28)$115Savage® 93R17 (threaded 1/2-28)$115Savage® Mark II (threaded 1/2-28)$115SIG® Mosquito. For versions that are not factory threaded (threaded 1/2-28, includes thread protector)$150Smith & Wesson® MP15/22 (threaded 1/2-28)$115Smith & Wesson® Model 22A (threaded 1/2-28, includes thread protector)$150Steyr® USR/AUG barrel (threaded 1/2-28)$115Thompson Contender (threaded 1/2-28, 0.578-28, 9/16-28 & 5/8-24)$115Thompson Contender (threaded 13.5mmx1LH, 14.5x1LH, 16mmx1LH & 16mmx1RH)$115Tikka T3 Tactical (thread 5/8-24)$115Tikka T3 Tactical (thread 18mmx1RH)$115Tikka T3 Varmit (thread 5/8-24)$115Tikka T3 Varmit (thread 18mmx1RH)$115Hi Standard HD Military (threaded 1/2-28)$115Hi Standard removable barrel versions (Sport King, Feild King, Supermatic etc), threaded 1/2-28$115Walther P5 (threaded 1/2-28 or 13.5mmx1LH) $150Walther PPS - Extend and thread, includes thread protector.(threaded 1/2-28 or 13.5mmx1LH)$150Winchester Model 70 (threaded 1/2-28, 9/16-24 & 5/5-24)$115Manufacture custom thread protector – knurled or smooth concealed.
NOTE: On a blued barrel a smooth concealed thread protector can sometimes require the barrel to be refinished.
$55Off the shelf knurled thread protectors.$14.99 Cut and recrown shotgun barrel to custom length. (NFA rules apply)$85Cut and recrown rifle barrel to custom length. (NFA rules apply) on rifle when sent in for threading.$50Cut and recrown rifle barrel to custom length. (NFA rules apply)$85Index or "clock" muzzle brake on rifle when sent in for threading.$35Index or "clock" muzzle brake on pre threaded rifle.$50Permanently attach muzzle brake or flash hider on rifle when sent in for threading.(blind pin and TIG weld over pin)$45 Permanently attach muzzle brake or flash hide ( Blind Pin and TIG weld over pin) $65